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   Neue Readers im neuen Look und mit neuen, spannenden Features!
 Fact Files: aufschluss- reiche Hintergrundinfos
Characters: ansprechen- de Vorstellung der Protagonisten
Life Skills: hochmotivier- ende Texte und Aufgaben
Exam Practice & Vocabulary: noch mehr innovatives Übungsmaterial
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 PROJEKT 3: Zeitungen und Zeitschriften
In the 19th century newspapers and magazines were really popular. In The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle we learn about the news and read advertisements in The Times. The stories themselves were pub- lished in the popular Strand Magazine.
– Are The Times and Strand Magazine still in print?
– Which are the most popular newspapers and magazines in the UK
  PROJEKT 4: Märkte
Weitere Impulsfragen:
– What other famous markets are there in London?
– Imagine that you visit another big city. What can you find in the market? – Is there a market in your town or city?
– What can you buy there?
– When is it open?
– Is there a famous market in your country?
– Is it popular with tourists?
PROJEKT 5: Verkleidung
PROJEKT 6: Sherlock Holmes in Filmen und als TV-Serie
Mögliche Fragen:
– Have you seen any adaptations of Sherlock Holmes stories at the cinema or on television?
– Are they similar to the original stories?
– Do you know about any adaptations which place the story in a
contemporary setting?
– Have you ever seen a Sherlock Holmes board game or video game?
PROJEKT 7: Der Autor Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Mögliche Fragen:
– Who was Arthur Conan Doyle?
– Where was he born?
– What was his job?
– How and why did he become a Sir?
We read about the Covent Garden Market in The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle.
– Where is this market?
– Does it still exist?
– Find it on a map.
In The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet Sherlock dresses as a tramp.
– Do you know any other stories in which a character wears clothes
as disguise?
– Why do they do this?
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